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About Breathe Mama

pregnancy yoga aberdeenshire
breathe mama aberdeen
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About Breathe Mama

hypnobirthing classes aberdeen

Breathe Mama offers pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing classes, including childbirth preparation and ante natal education in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.


Breathe Mama will help you to feel confident about birth and remove your fears by making sure you are educated, supported and can stay positive throughout your pregnancy.


Birth doesn’t have to be scary. Birth can be the most incredibly uplifting experience for you, and you and your baby will reap the rewards of having a positive birth experience.

So what is a positive birth experience?

I want to make this clear. It doesn’t matter how you want to birth your baby, or what path your birthing takes, what matters is that you felt supported, you had choices and made decisions that worked for you, and you felt confident, calm and in control.

My job is to help you feel all of that and set you up with the right skills to do all of that.

A positive birth is your birth, informed, confident, calm.  An experience that you can celebrate with your babies birthday every single year as they grow.

Why I love supporting pregnant women and new mothers

Why? It’s simple.

I want women to birth with confidence. I want their babies to experience this incredible start to life. I want women to experience the incredible boost a positive birth experience will give them as they begin their journey into motherhood.

Whether this is their first or their seventh baby, for a planned c section or a home birth, it doesn’t matter, I help women to get educated, supported and stay positive, so the birth of their baby will be a day to celebrate for Mum and baby. For me, that is the ultimate gift.

I was absolutely terrified of giving birth to my first baby. How on earth was I going to manage? How was it even possible? It was a scary time.  The discovery of good quality ante natal education, hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga and The Positive Birth Movement changed everything for me. My anticipation of giving birth changed from fear to excitement.

After the positive experience I had giving birth to my first son, Austin, I was propelled on a new path. I knew that I had to help other women to achieve the same for their own births.

Why work with Breathe Mama?

I will help you genuinely feel excited about giving birth. Honestly, it is possible to feel this way about birth!


I will teach you all the tricks I know for making sure you can labour and birth your baby with ease and grace whatever path your birth takes. I’m not saying its going to be easy, but you will be prepared and you will most definitely be able to manage and stay calm.


I will educate you so you understand how your body works and how you can provide the best possible birthing environment to help your body to do its job.


I will teach you how to feel truly and deeply relaxed so you can stay calm and confident during your labour and birth, allowing your body to work just as it is meant to.


I will teach you yoga poses that will help you and baby during labour and birth.


I will support you every step of the way, through all the wobbles, the tears, the sleepless nights.


I will help you prepare for the arrival of your baby and those first few weeks of care, for yourself and your baby.


I will connect you with any additional support you may need or be searching for during pregnancy birth and those early days with your newborn.

If you have given birth before, and things didn’t quite go to plan, I can help you to recover from any emotional upset you may still be experiencing and make sure that you are walking toward your next birth feeling calm, confident and in control.

What’s involved?

I teach one 2 one hypnobirthing classes in the comfort of your own home. For details of what is included in the course and my current pricing please see Hypnobirthing.

breathe mama yoga aberdeen

Peace on earth begins with birth

hypnobirthing in aberdeen

Jeannine Parvati Baker

breathe mama aberdeen
penelope breathe mama aberdeen

A little bit about Penelope….

hypnobirthing classes aberdeen

I am a mother to two little boys, Austin and Nathaniel. We are a busy little family who loves the sea, the forest and a decent dose of Octonauts. I am a sun seeker. I am Australian and search for every opportunity to put my face to the sun. I have lived in the UK for over 10 years now and somehow found my home in the north east of Scotland. We love it here, the best of the mountains and the sea.


I am a reader, a writer, a researcher. I studied psychology and then went on to work in policy and research for early childhood education and in sport. I trained as a yoga teacher in Glasgow under the Iyenger Yoga umbrella. During my first pregnancy I found this method of yoga didn’t serve me anymore and have moved on. I trained as a pregnancy yoga teacher in 2016 and am embarking on a journey to become a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher.

In 2016 I signed up to train as a Hypnobirthing Teacher. I trained with Renee Buchanan under the Marie Mongan method of hypnobirthing. This was so unbelievably uplifting and inspiring. I could so clearly see how yoga and hypnobirthing are a match made in heaven and embarked on a journey to combine the two so that I could help other women prepare for their births and their individual journeys as mothers.


In 2017 I joined The Calm Birth School. This was like a little bit of magic for me. I finally found a hypnobirthing umbrella that truly spoke to my values, allowed me the freedom to teach in ways that suit my clients and offered me lots of additional learning opportunities and an amazing network of other like minded hypnobirthing teachers. I can now combine yoga and hypnobirthing in a truly unique way.

 In 2019 I completed my post natal yoga training with Judy Cameron, this was an incredible experience with some amazing women. Everything I learnt really opened my eyes to the care that we need for our bodies and our minds and I cannot wait to offer post natal yoga classes in the future.

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