Breathe Mama | Thanks Mum – What my mother taught me about birth 
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Thanks Mum – What my mother taught me about birth 

When I was a little girl, I asked my Mum what it felt like to give birth, did it hurt?

My mum said, ‘not really, it’s just like if you pinch the skin between your thumb and forefinger. When you are pinching, it hurts a bit, and when you stop the pain goes away’.

My Mum taught me to always follow my instincts. To tune into myself and listen.

When I was pregnant with my first baby she told me that the baby and I had to work as a team. That there was no other path for us then a straight forward delivery. No need to worry about recovery either as that won’t be a problem.

When I spoke to her on the phone, in a different time zone, thousands of miles away, it was as though she was in the room with me.

And so I took her to the birth with me, in my mind and my heart and every time I felt unsure, I remembered something she said to me, or I visualised her thinking of me, wishing me well and supporting me, believing in me and knowing I could do it.

Without ever having read or researched a single thing about birth my mum gently coached me throughout my pregnancy.

My mum went to birth her first baby with no knowledge but she KNEW. She was in touch with her heart and she KNEW.

And I’m so grateful she helped me realise that I KNEW too.

We all do. We all know how to give birth. We have to turn off the noise and listen. We have to embrace our vulnerability.

The day you give birth you are equally the most powerful and the most vulnerable you will ever be.

There are no words to describe the incredible transformation from woman to mother, from pregnancy to life, from womb to world.

Thanks Mum.

It’s thanks to you I do what I do. I help women listen and realise that they also know exactly how to give birth. I help women heal from previous births that might not have gone quite how they expected. Hopefully we will see less of these women as we are more open to what women need in labour and birth and more able to listen.

Giving birth has cracked my heart wide open, in all the right ways. It has set me on a whole new path.

I want every woman to birth with confidence, peace and understanding and gain access to the incredible power she has within her. This applies to ALL women and ALL births because we always have choices and we always need to listen to our heart.

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